About the Festival

Berkeley Thanksgiving 2015 (resized)-51On December 4, 1619, a group of 35 settlers, led by Captain John Woodlief, arrived at Berkeley Plantation in Virginia, from Bristol, England.


On the banks of the James River the Englishmen proclaimed:

“We ordaine that the day of our ship’s arrival at the place assigned for plantation, in the land of Virginia, shall be yearly and perpetually keept holy as a day of Thanksgiving to Almighty God.” Berkeley Thanksgiving 2016-55


12 Responses to About the Festival

  1. Penny says:

    is there a charge or tickets needed for the mansion tour? Additionally, I cannot see in the activities or events list, exactly what mansion is being toured. Thanks!

  2. Rena Rustad says:

    What is the best (easy access and car rental return ease) to fly into to attend this event?

  3. Sue Storbeck says:

    Do you need well-behaved horses as
    part of the event? I have 2 that would be perfect and are bombproof. BTW, we were part of a revolutionary war militia re-enactment in MASSACHUSETTS for Patriot’s Day (Revere’s ride) so we have experience.

  4. rob paylor says:

    Can I bring Fido?

  5. I’m confused…. Can we just show up for this festival or do we need to sign up or buy tickets?

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